I felt like a teacher and an artist today

And now there’s a picture of myself looking like a real teacher.

Part of the work I am helping with this summer in the technology department is capturing images of the different technological capabilities our school offers. This picture we staged in the art room. We needed something pretty up there, so I said, “let’s get some perspective going,” and then drew this street scene. It was great fun. It confirmed my need to get a painting going this weekend. We passed an art store on the way home last night from dinner and I noticed it said things are 75% off there. Ker-Ching! I think I am good on paint, but I need a big ol’ canvas. I have a blank one that’s probably 36″ by 24″ but I want to go bigger.

Side note: We ate at a really good place last night called Bone Garden Cantina. It’s a new Mexican (not as in the state, but never existed before + the country) restaurant here in Atlanta. It was started a little over a month ago by the owners of The Vortex, a wonderful restaurant also here in Atlanta. The owners did most (if not all) of the artwork in the new restaurant, which has a Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) theme. Fun place! If you live in Atlanta, give it a try! I had a lovely veggie taco that was beautifully presented. There’s a mural of theirs that Josef and I are in love with. I know I won’t do anything that big or detailed, but the colors are exactly right for the painting I want to do.

Drawing on the sympodium today was great fun. It was soothing and it also was cool to show my ideas so easily. I felt like I could have easily been teaching an actual class on perspective. I also went into some basic shading. Oh, did that ever feel good. It’s like stretching after sitting still too long.


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