I neeeeeeed to paint something, soon. I hope to start something this weekend. We need artwork above our couch, and I’ve been pulled like a magnet toward all kinds of bright pictures as of late that fit my parameters of what I want to do. I am thinking something landscape-ish, folk art style, with maybe some dancing people or animals in it. Maybe a seascape will be involved. Maybe some fruit, too. I know that’s vague, but that’s my starting point of inspiration. Everything in the downstairs of our house is vibrant, which is intentional, and this wall is so, so lonely. The wall is a lovely shade of deep purple blue that changes with the lighting. I thought it would be pretty to put up a white shelf and put some white ceramic pieces on it, but I am leaning more toward a big ol’ loud painting. Plus, of course, I am really feeling the need to have some art self-therapy.


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