“But that was just a dream” – REM

So early this morning, during what had been a pretty peaceful sleep, aside from 2 bathroom breaks I woke up to take, I had a real winner of a dream. I mean, it was actually really creepy.

We were in our house (which wasn’t the same house that we actually live in, but suspension of disbelief is pretty strong, in my dreams at least), and it was night time turning into day. My husband and I were about to leave to go somewhere, and I was worried about needing to take Hunter out before we left (all quite plausible). I think I was putting on shoes or something, and I looked down at my knees. I had what looked like spiderwebs or cotton puffs in little mounds on my knee caps and the surrounding area – there were two on each leg. I thought it was just some fuzz or something else that was easily removable, so I wiped at them. Turns out the mounds were the protrusion of something sinister going on inside my leg, and the removal of the white wispy material produced hollowed out sacks within my knee area (like how your eyeball is only partly visible, and if it were removed, the whole eye socket would be visible). Oh, it was so gross. The one on my right knee cap was the worst: when I removed the fuzz mound, it produced a huge cavern within my knee, and I could see only what was left of my knee’s insides (even in my dream I had to look away!). The fuzzy stuff had been a fungus that was eating me alive and I hadn’t even noticed. I called to my husband and he picked me up to carry me to the car and he called 911. As he carried me away, I could tell how fearful he was about what was happening to me. I worried for Hunter, as it was definitely time for him to go to the bathroom and I wasn’t sure when we’d be back.

I woke and immediately felt for my knees, which were, thankfully, intact. Phew. Safe again from the stuff of nightmares.


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