Mean People Suck. And I feel fat.

So, you want to know what I hate most in this world? The inexcusable need for some people to belittle others. It’s just not something I can do, unless I am just provoked beyond the point of return, but I usually can’t even get there. This weekend, on our trip, a woman belittled me for being vegetarian. I had known her for all of 2 hours and she was already making fun of me. I still get steamed about it, even though it was a small comment from a small-minded individual and it happened a few days ago. I can’t even excuse her because she was drunk. It was just mean-spirited.

I had no idea my choice would affect people the way it has. I had been warned, but even so, I was surprised by all the reactions this particular group had for me. They made a really, really big deal about it. Like it was the most interesting thing about me or something. Not the case!

I guess need to put a sticker on my head that says, “Excuse me, I’m a vegetarian. Please,please, please forgive me.” Except, of course, I don’t think there’s anything that needs to be forgiven.

I don’t condemn others for the act of eating meat. I’m not going to yell at or belittle someone because they eat meat. I expected the usual questions and comments, such as, “Why did you decide to do that?” and “Wow, I could never give up meat.” But to get my attention to joke with me that something had been tested on animals (when clearly it hasn’t) when the person has literally just met me? That’s just cruel.

Luckily (or unfortunately), I have been teased a lot in my life, so I dealt with her asinine comment with a good natured laugh and exited the scene. But my insides were seething angrily and I felt sick. I don’t get it – why pick on someone for something so stupid? Further interaction with this woman didn’t absolve her of her comment, either – she further proved that she was clearly in love with herself and she was quick to laugh at people for things they couldn’t help.

My husband told me some things I could say back to her to make fun of her (he knows this crowd, I don’t), but it’s just not my nature to do that. Maybe I’m a goodie-goodie, but it’s more to do with naturally being a pacifist – it doesn’t occur to me to be mean and then I can’t be mean when I’ve been attacked.

The guy who was hosting this weekend with his wife kept telling me that he had been worried about what I was going to eat. Each time he saw me eating food I had brought (so as to not be a concern) he apologized. It’s like not eating pickles or something – if I don’t eat it, I’ll just pick it off. I totally appreciate that he was concerned about me, but it’s not like I am forced to eat this way because of a medical condition or religious obligation. I deserve absolutely no special treatment, have not asked for any special treatment from anyone, but there’s still a perception that I am asking something of others. I hate that my dietary choice became a burden for him, but I have to take it as a lesson for the future so I can not freak people out by accidentally implying special treatment when I tell them about it.

And, yes, I feel fat. I ate a lot of food this weekend (vegetarian cuisine, of course). And I consumed highly caloric beverages (which was the real culprit). Back to “dieting” today. I’ll be hula hooping later, too. I had a lot of fun, though!

Texas is beautiful. I knew this, but I hadn’t been there in ages. We were in the hill country, in the southeast of Texas. The tubing was a lot of fun, too, despite the heavy ran that set in during our time on the Guadalupe river that made me feel like I was sitting in snow for several hours. I could not get warm again. The second day of tubing was awesome – we were on the San Marcos river. What a gorgeous spot! I didn’t have a camera, but I keep a running log of images from the day in my mind. I marvel at the beauty of this world on a daily basis and am grateful for our worldly playground.

Now if we could just all get along on this worldly playground, we’d be set!


One thought on “Mean People Suck. And I feel fat.

  1. Hang in there. I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years and there are always strange people that feel the need to attack my food choices. I just think about how insecure they must really be to even take the time to say any of it.

    Plus I know how much yummy food I get to eat!

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