And a-toobin’ we shall go!

I can’t wait until tomorrow! But, I am happy with today, as I just found out that my husband will be coming home on a much, much earlier flight! And we get to see a friend later who had surgery and is home recuperating pretty well.

I had a great visit yesterday with a friend from college. We talked about college and how much our world views broadened upon leaving that sweet but overly-homogeneous-bubblelike place. We took a walk around my neighborhood and she was quite impressed with how many people my husband and I have gotten to know in a pretty short amount of time. One of our neighbors is so nice that she’s driving us to the airport in the morning. 🙂 Sweet!

I’ll write on Tuesday about our trip. Won’t have much internet access (or interest in having internet access, to be perfectly honest) while we’re gone as we’ll be out and about most of the time. 🙂


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