Countdown to Texas!

On Friday morning, my husband and I are going to Texas to go tubing down the San Marcos river. We’re very excited! We’re going to see people (some of whom we’ve met) who share a common love of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. It’s going to feel so good to relax in the river. I know my husband and I will be singing some Tina Turner “Rollin’ on a River” several times. We had a fun time singing that song on our last night in Playa last September after it played in Manne’s Biergarten. We left dinner, singing that song at the top of our lungs as we made our way to Ron’s Beer Bucket where our friends had gathered to say goodbye to us. It was a great night.

I just love that my husband and I seem to meet nice people wherever we are. I am grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family in Atlanta, the southeast, and all over the continent. As I mentioned in my steps about finding people to emulate (in terms of dieting but also in a general sense), the friends we’ve made across our lives have shaped us for the better. I love that. It’s like a really beautiful mural that we create for each other by rubbing off on each other. By the time we’re finished, we’ll have touched and been touched by so many wonderful people with so much to give that as we look across the canvas of our lives, we’ll see indescribable beauty that is unique to ourselves. I think it’s easier for us to see the influences other have had on us than we have had on them, but if they are willing to share their canvas with us, we’ll see that we did indeed leave our mark.

All deep thoughts aside, I am very excited about our mini-vacation! I’m glad that my husband and I will finally have some time together as his work has taken him away a lot lately. Then in a few more weeks, we’ll have an entire uninterrupted week together in the mountains with family. šŸ™‚


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