Repurposing Project and Thoughts of Veganism

I wanted to share the pics that show the halter top I am making out of a skirt and the ottoman I made for the foot of the bed.

The Halter top was made from half of a skirt that used to be cute but then it started hanging on me funny. I dunno. The fabric was a nice print, though, and colors that suit me (thus the reason I was first attracted to it to try it on).

Front and back:

I’m still kind of working on it. The green ribbon is just tacked on right now. I may cut the extra length off of the blue ribbon. It also could stand to be a little tighter so as to avoid any unnecessary flashing.

The Ottoman is made from a coffee table my dad and uncle made for me in college. I can easily remove the padded seat cushion to restore the table to its original purpose. The coffee table was actually a repurposed project itself – I bought the porcelain table top at an antique shop and my dad took it to my uncle (a woodworker) to create a base for it. And, now, it’s a stunning ottoman. I typically would let pieces of furniture remain what they are, but in this case, we actually have three coffee tables in our house at present. One of them HAD to be an ottoman.

That’s our corgi, who is a ham for the camera. Here he’s saying, yep, mom made this and I licked it a lot while she did.

Completely changing the subject, I was loaned a whammy of a book this afternoon and was told it was a fast read. Well, it’s true! Our neighbors, who are our new friends, loaned me Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. We got home from visiting with them around 4:00 and by 8:00 (with interruptions for dinner and a shower) I had read it. It’s about informing the average gal who wants to be healthy about all the MANY reasons eating the traditional stuff of the food pyramid is neither actually good for you, what nature intended for your body to digest, nor sold to you with everyone’s best intentions for your body’s safety. It details harrowing animal cruelty that occurs while everyone looks the other way, governmental agency corruption that doesn’t protect anything, and spells out what all those mystery ingredients on packages are. Our friends loaned the book to me because we chatted about how they’ve been vegan for two months. Now I see why. I’m already pretty close to vegan, I realized, as I read the book. I read Fast Food Nation a few years ago, and it really made me change my ways in terms of how I thought about food. Now I’m even more Shook Up. I realize this ain’t light-hearted stuff, but sometimes we daydreamer types need reality checks, too.


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