My morning routine with our dog. And night.

You saw my dog in the other post. He’s ADORABLE. Another example:

The puppy sit

Okay, so onto the morning routine.

Around 7:30, I go into our guest room, AKA Hunter’s room, to wake him up. I say, “Good morning, buddy!”

I open the door to his kennel and he moves out into the hallway with the occasional yawn and yoga stretch.

He promptly falls over onto his side. It is time to be loved.

I rub his belly and scritch his head and ears, all the while asking him if he slept well, if he had sweet dreams, if he had dreamed about chasing squirrels, and if he had caught them. He yawns and stretches and licks the floor out of the side of his mouth.

I stand up and he jumps onto all four paws. Then he flops over again, hoping to prolong the attention. At this point, I think, “doesn’t he have to pee?”

I scoop him up and take him down the stairs. Corgis are prone to back issues and try to carry him up and down the stairs as much as he will let me. Then I send him on his way to the back yard.

At night, I announce, “Bedtime!”

Hunter reluctantly follows me to his kennel where I open the door for him and tell him to get in. He goes in and turns around and sort of glares at me. He hates to be alone and he knows he will be as soon as I leave the room.

My parting words: “Good night, sweetie. We love you. Have sweet dreams. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Seriously, I do all of this every single weekday. I realize it’s ridiculous, but I’ve established these rituals with this precious creature and if it makes him feel special, then, by golly, I ain’t stopping any time soon.


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