I only slept for, maybe, 4 hours last night. Argh. Insomnia seems to be plaguing me as of late.

Things I did instead of sleeping (not exactly in the order of completion, but that’s the insomnia-induced amnesia talking):

  1. I turned a skirt into a halter top. The project I mentioned in yesterday’s post did actually produce a few ideas. I found even more pieces of clothing in my closet for the Repurposing Project. My husband took the camera on his work trip so I couldn’t take a before and after picture. I’ll supply an after pic later.
  2. I watched tv. 2 Sex and the City episodes, both of which I had seen, were on TBS. Also, I watched 2 episodes of My Boys (a guess on what this show is called, but it was great!) that includes the WONDERFUL Jim Gaffigan. Can we pause to ponder how funny this guy is?
  3. I paused to ponder how funny Jim Gaffigan is. I sulked about how, when, in September he’ll be here the ONE weekend we’re out of town.
  4. Around 6:00 I had eaten some chick peas, so around 10:30 I was very hungry again. I made some smallish potatoes to eat. I cut them up, sprinkled them with Mrs. Dash Chipotle and some curry. Yum. I ate them around 11:00 with copious amounts of ketchup. Did I say yum? Yum. I did a nice pairing with a drink choice of Crystal Light. Oh, yeah, I did.
  5. I cruised the internet and chatted online with a few friends. But then they went to bed. This actually happened while I ate the potatoes and the tv watching occured after I ate. Somewhere during this time I chatted with my husband. He had safely arrived to his work trip destination.
  6. I set the alarm and put the dog to bed in his kennel in the guest room. I’ll have to tell you about our routine, but that’s not on-topic (like I can stay on topic? Hello, my name is ADD).
  7. I got in bed and read a book. I did not fall asleep. I finished the book.
  8. I remembered that I had meant to shower, and suddenly felt icky. I had gone on a walk with my neighbor earlier in the evening and had gotten eaten by mosquitoes. Gross.
  9. I took a bath. It usually helps to relax me.
  10. I trapped a roach that decided to freak me out by making its presence known. I can’t kill bugs anymore though (too tenderhearted) so I the trap held it hostage until this morning when I reacquainted it with the world outside my house.
  11. I listened to an audiobook. (The Kite Runner) Duh, that always works. I fell right asleep. Mind you, I CAN stay awake to listen to an audiobook while I am up and moving around. But at night, I have problems falling asleep and that always helps me.

So, I slept a bliss-filled 4 hours. It might have actually been around 3 hours. And, surprisingly, I have not felt the need to use caffeine as my crutch today. Better luck tonight. I know I’ll sleep a lot better when my husband gets back. He’s an anchor of normalcy in my routine, so when he is gone, I tend to lose my center of gravity and shift out of orbit.


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