Almost a week later

And I do have a squad now! A bunch of the girls cheered for football last year, and I have two girls who cheered for basketball who wanted to cheer for football this year because they are involved in other things during the winter, so that amounts to a lot of great experience for me to work with this year!

We go to camp next week. I am looking forward to it for several reasons – getting to know the squad, figuring who my captains will be, and seeing what these girls can do when they work together.

My Octave performances went well, too. My church loved us, and we were told that our performance at Red Light Cafe was our best ever – and there were actually only 10 or 11 of us there. It was a good time, that’s for sure. I like having good experiences with them because I am not always happy with the way things are going in the group. We’re now on an up-swing, I guess!

We have a lot of members who have taken sabbaticals since I joined. It’s a nice way to take a break from the group when otherwise you might be forced to quit. Sometimes, though, it makes things difficult for the group – having to turn down gigs or having to learn new parts to cover people who are missing. I am all for learning a new part, though. It keeps things interesting. I believe most of our people on sabbatical are doing it for good reasons, but sometimes I wonder if maybe some of them should just go on and quit. I guess maybe they are trying to figure that out, too.


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