“Boundaries Give Us Freedom,”

Said our counseling professor in college.

It sounds weird. How can a BOUNDARY – something which sounds restricting and confining – give someone FREEDOM?

It turns out that it’s all in how you think about it (typical, I know).

Example: I am now a vegetarian. I has slowly been weaning myself off meat, and it just got easier and easier to not crave it. In fact, now I can’t stand it. I am now in awe of how much there is to eat besides meat. There are tons of sources of protein out there: nuts (some have calcium in them, too!), cheese, milk, other veggies. My digestive system won’t allow me to eat bread, either, so it’s on to other sources of carbs for me: lots of veggies and fruits. There is this amazing world of food out there I CAN eat, most of which I would have ignored if I hadn’t self-selected out of other types of food. My self-imposed boundary of not eating meat and bread gives me the freedom to eat whatever else I want to. My body is SO much happier now. It’s awesome. I may decide to remove my boundary eventually, but for now, it gives me the freedom to try out new food experiences. It’s pretty cool. 🙂


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