The things we do for love

And after much procrastination, I am finally burning the cds that the girls who are trying out for cheerleading will need to practice their dance with. I didn’t really mean to procrastinate; it just sort of happened. And it’s going to be done here shortly. But of course I am tired, so I’m not really enjoying the experience. And the grouch in me complains that most of them won’t thank me. It’s that realization that hounds me lately: when I do something adultish and responsible, I somehow feel entitled to recognition. Sadly, I cannot say that when I was young and adults did things for me that I thanked them. Even when my parents commanded me to thank someone, I am quite sure it was not sincere. So it’s weird when the tables are turned that I expect this respect from all the students at the school where I work or at the church where we’re youth advisers. It’s funny – what makes me so freakin’ special all of a sudden? It’s not like I respected my elders in an outward fashion and have come into my own as an adult. No one ever told me that when I got to be 21 that those younger than I would suddenly start bowing down to me. It’s as though I am assuming some rights from that rite of passage into adulthood, specifically that of someone who works with teens.

I’m going into my second season as a coach. I am really looking forward to working with some of the girls I coached last year as they will still be on JV. I am excited about learning from my first year coaching mistakes and successes. I am really excited about coaching football cheerleading, as that was one of my favorite things about high school. One thing I’ve heard time and time again about the kids at this school (and, to be fair, all private schools) is how entitled they are. It’s true – there is a high level of expectation on their part for how things are to be and how they are to be treated. They are also incredibly sweet children, too, and I love having even a small impact on their world as they have a large impact on mine. Most of them do have very good manners, and sincerity in their graciousness, which I have already said I didn’t have when I was their age.

Maybe my entitlement I am experiencing is a result of being treated well by these children. When one of them is respectful, the disrespectful ones fall into my Trap of Judgment. It’s really a bit much. I really need to get over myself! 🙂


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